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College Planning Service Guarantee :


We guarantee to perform the following services on time and accurately. We guarantee to put our expertise to work for you, so you don’t have to become a college-funding expert. These items will be done in a timely manner as dictated by your child’s year of graduation and the individual college’s deadlines, and will depend on your cooperation as needed.

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    • Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
    • Provide Planning Recommendations to Reduce EFC
    • Provide Financial Aid Award Estimates For An Unlimited Number of Schools & Recommend Additional Schools To Be Considered
    • Provide Recommendations For The Best Way To Pay Your Share Of College Costs
    • Provide Tax-Efficient Borrowing Strategies To Help Keep Financial Goals In Line, Along With Cash Flow Strategies for College Years & Beyond
    • Provide Complete Financial Overview On College, Taxes, Cash Flow, and Retirement, & Develop A Plan To Improve Each Area
    • Provide Strategies That Legally Protect Your Savings & Retirement Accounts From The Financial Aid Formulas
    • Provide Strategies On How To Possibly Use Your Home Equity So That it Helps, Rather Than Hurts, In The Financial Aid Formulas
    • Provide Proprietary Tax Scholarship Information
    • College Planning New Jersey Checklist With All Timelines & Deadlines
    • Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


    • Complete CSS Form
    • Complete any Additional Forms Required by the Individual Schools – if applicable
    • Confirm the Accuracy of the Student Aid Report
    • Make any necessary adjustments to SAR
    • Advise and Counsel on Stafford Loan Applications and PLUS Loan Applications
    • Provide Protection From Being Overlooked For Grants, Scholarships Or Loans Due To Mistakes In Your Financial Aid Forms
    • Evaluate All Award Letters and Professionally Evaluate if Your Offer Was Fair
    • Provide Tested Negotiation Letters if you were Under-Awarded
    • Provide a Monthly Newsletter To Parents & Students To Keep Them Updated On
    • Provide Periodic E-Mails to Both Parents & Students On What They Need To Be Doing To Maximize Their College Admissions & Financial Aid Results
    • A One-Stop Shop To Always Be Able To Have Your Questions Answered
    • Provide “Peace of Mind” Throughout The College Admissions Process!

    Our Mission is the be the best College Planning firm in New Jersey !